Liquishot 25.3 cordless pressure sprayer

Powerful ergonomic utility for mobile liquid application

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Product features

1,3 kg weight
Professional 18V Li-Ion
All kinds of water based liquids up to 60°C
Up to 3 meters in height
Flow up to 3l/min and pressure up to 25 bar
COR pump & brushless electric motor
Low noise and vibration
Fast charging battery system
Usage in poorly-lit workplace
Finger release function
Various spray shapes
For comfortable travelling

Package includes

  • Liquishot 25.3
  • Robust plastic case for comfortable storage and travelling
  • 5Ah 18V battery
  • Highly efficient and fast battery charger
  • Interchangeable 10° nozzle
  • Suction hose filter
  • Extended package of equipment for the device

Innovative professional pressure sprayer for cycling professionals.

Liquishot – ergonomic cordless pressure sprayer for mobile liquid application. A device in power tools segments up to 25 bar that combines advantages of new technology of volumetric pumps – COR, brushless motor (eng. Brushless or . BLDC), product design and manufacturing advantages that Kolektor successfully combined in an innovative powerful product – a new trendsetter in its segment.

Thanks to the new positive volumetric pump technology  (COR), materials and brushless electric motor (BLDC), the product brings the following outstanding characteristics:
• Extremely compact design and low weight
• Stable – pressure independent output flow
• Dynamic flow/pressure regulation
• Various fluid compatibility with temperatures up to 60°C
• Low noise and vibration level
• Professional battery platform



Mechanic for the Slovenian national team at the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020 that won two medals; gold of Primož Roglič and bronze of Tadej Pogačar.
The main mechanic of Tadej Pogačar bicycle at the UAE Team Emirates.

In cycling competitions, the cleanliness of the bike and its moving parts is of great importance. Liquishot makes it easy to clean the bike, thus contributing to successful training, and saving time before or after the race. When the bike is cleaned, its function is improved and it is easier to see faults in the gearing, on the frame, in case of damage. The bike must be cleaned and maintained daily.
Liquishot is extremely light, so both arms can be used in the process. One battery suffices for cleaning up to 15 bikes.
Keeping the product in a robust case proves very useful during travel, especially when travelling by plane to competitions.
I started using it myself in the development and testing phase and witnessed a great product emerging. I recommend it to all professional cyclists and cycling enthusiasts alike!


Without an excellently prepared bike, there can’t be excellent results. I recommend Liquishot!

A properly cleaned mountain bike should constitute an essential part of a cyclist’s routine. A properly maintained and cleaned bike will extend the life of all components. A mountain bike should be cleaned after every ride on dirty terrain or in general at least every few weeks. Liquishot is the perfect product for professional cyclists because it enables you to clean the bike immediately after a training session or race and store it in a vehicle.  All you need is a water container, a hose, and Liquishot.

Its advantages are dynamic flow control, up to 25 bar of pressure, and water pulls up to 3m in height. Moreover, it is lightweight and easy to handle.

Clean bikes and fleet are the basis of every cycling team. It’s about appearance and also only on a clean bike potential damage can be seen before it’s too late. Maintaining a clean fleet in the field without access to water represented a major challenge. A challenge that Kolektor’s Liquishot helps to overcome. A clean bike is essential. A way to achieve this without major problems, even when we lack access to large quantities of water, was revealed by Kolektor.

Liquishot is an excellent cleaner, the biggest advantages are the long battery life and the independence from the water supply because it can pump water from different sources (washbowl, bottle, etc.). For us cyclists, it’s the perfect tool for everyday use when cleaning our bikes.

We are working with Kolektor on the development of the Liquishot sprayer almost from the start and are very satisfied with Slovenian knowledge and cooperation results. Liquishot is used in the toughest conditions at the biggest mountain bike competitions as well as on daily basis in a bike repair shop. We expect a lot from the sprayer and that’s what we get.

I was contacted by Kolektor’s Idrium student team in September 2020 asking for my opinion on the applicability of a battery pressure sprayer product in the professional cycling segment. Without hesitation, I confirmed that there is a real problem with the flexible way of cleaning and maintaining racing bikes and the cycling team’s fleet itself. Especially during stage races, the possibilities are quite limited or the services offered by the organizers themselves are sub-optimal.
A call to my friend Boštjan Kavčnik (mechanic at Ljubljana Gusto Santic and SLO national team) immediately resulted in cooperation in testing and optimizing key product features throughout its development cycle. Especially the continental teams, which do not have an as wide range of maintenance equipment as the top teams, found the product extremely useful and efficient. In parallel World Tour’s Bahrain Victorious team, which has a service centre in Slovenia, has also agreed to test and optimize the product. A young team of engineers from Kolektor’s team that is involved in COR pump technology development received feedback directly from users in the field and took the product from conceptual sketch on paper to series production in a quick span of 2 years. We believe that the product will find its place in the segment of professional cordless hand tools. This case also shows that it’s possible to achieve the set goals if the team works as one and together strives towards the final goal.

At first, I thought it wouldn’t work as they imagined. That there would not be enough pressure to meet our needs. It became phenomenal for me after trying it out and solving situations where water and electricity couldn’t be connected.

With a bucket of 25l, you can wash 10 bikes and 2 cars, which is more than enough. Since then, Liquishot has been an indispensable product that always accompanies me.

I first used Liquishot in MTB races to wash my bikes and gear.
It is very useful, especially at venues where I can thoroughly clean the bike immediately after the race or training, even if I don’t have running water. The riders themselves are also happy to use it because when the track is wet they use Liquishot to clean their shoes and other types of equipment and other bike repairers are also happy to borrow it.

It is also a great pleasure and helps in the workshop also. I can clean the bikes or bike components without much preparation so we use them every day in our workshop.

Proud engineering partner of



Powerful ergonomic utility for mobile liquid application

  • Dust and water resisting storage case
  • Double battery for extended usability

Only 1,3 kg of weight

  • Very quick 1 hand handling
  • Ergonomic design

Powered by professional high performance Li-Ion Battery technology

  • Highly efficient battery charger
  • Protected battery sleeve

Dynamically regulated flow up to 3l/min and pressure up to 25 bar

Compatible with various liquids and cleaning agents

  • Temperature up to 60°C

Low noise and vibration

  • Finger release functional button
  • Built-in LED light

Powerful liquid suction ablility

  • Suction height up to 3 meters


The COR PUMP technology is patent protected innovation.


Pump technology
Positive displacement (volumetric)
Electric Motor technology
Brushless - BLDC
Pressure range
up to 35 bars
Flow range
up to 1000 liter per hour
Fluid compatibility
water / water based chemicals / fuel / oil
up to 15.000 hours

New developments in high dimensionally and thermally stable polymer resins and moulding tooling techniques have expanded the range of applications in which polymer materials may be used. One example of components now amenable to be made from high dimensionally and thermally stable polymers material is the COR pump technology. Such an approach allows the most demanding components to be moulded with high accuracy.

The COR technology includes 2 pumping principles: DoppelRotor (COR-DRP) and Tumbling multi-chamber (COR-TMC). The COR pump system consists of 4 parts of which 2 are rotating. No valves are needed. Most of the torque is converted into useful work as only one of the two rotating pieces is driven. Due to the design concept, the second one only needs torque to overcome its friction. The fluid is transferred through the centre of the pump with the help of moving cavities and centrifugal force to the outlet on the periphery.

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The package contains the most important equipment that allows you to easily carry and use the product.

Inside the box

LIQUISHOT 25.3 sprayer
Robust plastic case
Professional fast charging battery (18V Li-Ion)
Highly efficient and fast battery charger
Filter for off-grid use
Battery protection sleeve
Get your own LIQUISHOT 25.3
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Can Liquishot be used only in combination with water?

No. One of the main advantages of the Liquishot device is the possibility of using different liquids, regardless of their pH value. The device can thus be used for cleaning objects with various cleaning agents, applying various protective layers, pumping, for cleaning with salt water from the sea … It is important to follow the recommendations given in the user manual and to use an inlet filter that prevents solid particles from entering the device and causing damage to the pump components inside the device.

Is access and connection to the water supply network essential for using the Liquishot device?
How is the Liquishot powered?
Is the Liquishot device itself water resistant?
How to adjust the outlet flow and pressure of the Liquishot device?
What jet is achieved with the Liquishot device?
How to store the Liquishot device when not in use or during transport?


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