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Marathon Franja

Marathon Franja will take place in the upcoming weekend. It’s history dates back to 1982, when Tone Fornezzi-Tof initiated it under Zvone Zanokar’s tactics. The first marathon had approximately 700 participants who competed on non-competitive bicycles. However Franja hosted many competitors, both tourists and professionals, in the years that followed.

1886 participants set the official attendance record in 2002. Despite being a closed race that year, the marathon ran exceptionally well. There were over 2000 participants at the start of the Family Marathon. This was the first time the marathon was organized. The Franja was re-run as a competition the following year, which proved to be the best long-term solution. Until 2002, the Franja began and ended in Tacen. In front of the Secondary Police School. It relocated to BTC City in Ljubljana in 2003.

This year marked the achievement of the latter milestone. The Marathon became an official candidate to join the UCI-Golden bike series of the International Cycling Union, the world’s best marathons.

The marathon comprises several routes. These are the Franja BTC City Marathon, the Triglav Little Franja Marathon, the Ride on Time, the IKEA family marathon, the Vzajemkov children’s cycling challenge and the Barjanka Hervis. 

This year Liquishot will be present as a sponsor of the LGS cycling event at the Rog Cycling Association. There will be a demo stand in BTC Ljubjana at the finish area. You will have the opportunity to test Liquishot. Come and try it out!  


Information was adapted from: https://www.franja.org/domov.html on 7.6.2022 



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